Imagine being locked in a room full of mystery and you have to figure a way to get out… and you only have an hour to do it! That’s what BreakThroughReno is all about. It’s a brain-teasing escape game that’s essentially a live version of Clue. It’s full of challenges for up to six people designed for fun and team building… and it’s now available in Reno.

My successes. 

Phil Frayssinoux with his wife Sumiko and his associates started the new business here in Reno with the help of SCORE Northern Nevada mentor Carl Gerhardt. There are four uniquely-themed games, each with unique challenges and puzzles. It’s all about communication, team work and thinking outside the box. The concept for the games started in Asia and became popular in Europe. Phil found working with SCORE’s Gerhardt helped him make the connections he needed to be successful.

How SCORE helped. 

Phil’s advice to anyone starting a new business is to “follow your gut.” “I tried to do everything myself and I should have hired sooner and delegated more...and expanded faster.”  And he recommends getting a SCORE mentor, “they can really help you along the way.”

Break Through Reno